Laura Tozer
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Dr. Laura Tozer PhD MA BSc

I research urban transformations to address climate change. I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Durham University in the UK. My research advances our understanding of sustainable urban transitions to address interconnected social and environmental challenges. With a focus on urban environmental governance and politics, my work examines the planning, implementation, and mainstreaming of climate change responses to achieve adaptation and decarbonization.

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How can we catalyze just urban transformations to address climate change?

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How do we achieve transformative change to address urban sustainability? What do just cities that don't cause climate change look like and how do we get there? How do we catalyze low carbon transitions for built environments, infrastructure and energy? These are some of the questions that drive my research.

Within an overall focus on urban environmental governance and climate change responses, my research addresses three themes:

  • 1) The dynamics and politics of urban environmental governance

  • 2) The reconfiguration of urban systems to put cities on more sustainable footing

  • 2) How matters of social justice are taken into account and with what consequences


Recent Projects


Urban Building Decarbonization

My PhD research evaluated whether urban low carbon initiatives are catalyzing systemic change. It focused on the implementation of building energy efficiency and renewable energy using in-depth case studies of Stockholm, London and San Francisco. This research expanded the toolkit available to examine success in urban climate action by recognizing potential seeds of systemic change.



As part of the NATURVATION project team, my postdoctoral research examines how nature in cities can support urban climate change resiliency. Our partnership involves 14 institutions across Europe and includes city governments, non-governmental organizations and business. We assess what nature-based solutions can achieve in cities, examine how innovation is taking place, and work with communities and stakeholders to develop the knowledge and tools required to realize the potential of nature-based solutions for meeting urban sustainability goals.