CFP UAA 2018: Urban Decarbonization, Infrastructure, and Politics

Organized by: Laura Tozer (University of Toronto) and Anthony Levenda (University of Calgary)

This panel will discuss urban climate change response in the age of the smart city. As greenhouse gas emissions reduction measures and climate action plans are implemented in cities, it becomes necessary to consider which visions of ‘smart’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘low carbon’ are being implemented and by whom. Panelists will examine the implementation of low-carbon transformations for urban infrastructure, with focus on data-driven urban sustainability governance and the politics of the transition to smart/low carbon cities. Considering the increasing role of cities in climate change governance, the growing visibility of urban actors in climate change politics, and the proliferation of smart and sustainable city policies, it is essential that we consider the nature of low carbon and smart city urbanism. How are visions of smart grids and low carbon technologies being embedded in urban infrastructure? Who is involved in planning, implementing, maintaining and engaging with these infrastructures? And what are the implications of smart/low carbon urbanism for democratic urban politics?

Interested participants should send abstracts of no more than 250 words to Anthony Levenda ( and Laura Tozer ( by Wednesday, September 20th. Accepted applicants will be notified by Monday, September 25th.

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