Urban Transformative Potential in a Changing Climate

Cape Town from above.jpg

In our recent article in Nature Climate Change, co-authors and I argue for a new cities and climate change research agenda that focuses on the social, political and cultural complexities of urban transformations rather than a narrowed focus on technological pathways.

The SDGs and CitiesIPCC offer an unprecedented opportunity for urban transformation, but bold, integrated action to address the constraints imposed by economic, cultural and political dynamics is needed. We move beyond a narrow, technocentric view and identify five key knowledge pathways to catalyse urban transformation.

- Patricia Romero-Lankao, Harriet Bulkeley, Mark Pelling, Sarah Burch, David J. Gordon, Joyeeta Gupta, Craig Johnson, Priya Kurian, Emma Lecavalier, David Simon, Laura Tozer, Gina Ziervogel and Debashish Munshi

The open access article is available here.

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