Community Energy Planning: Lessons Learned from Canadian Cities | Decarbon Strategies

More and more municipalities are developing community energy plans in an effort to manage energy and greenhouse gas emissions locally. This report summarizes the success factors and barriers encountered by five Canadian cities in their pioneering attempts to implement their community energy plans. Municipalities looking for guidance in the development or execution of their own local energy and emission plans will find the report particularly helpful. Click below to read the full report.


Energy Sector Environmental Impacts Report | Environmental Defence 

A report for the Canadian environmental charity Environmental Defence analyzed secondary research on the environmental impacts of the tar sands. Using a range of peer-reviewed and industry sources, the 26-page report summarized the current research for application to environmental protection campaigning.


The Legal Climate: Primer of Climate Change Law and Policy in Ontario | Zizzo Allan Professional

Laura is writing and conducting secondary research for two chapters for a forthcoming textbook for environmental practitioners called The Legal Climate: Primer of Climate Change Law and Policy in Ontario. The textbook is being edited by the partners of the boutique law firm Zizzo Allan Professional. The first chapter includes original and secondary research based on Laura's experience in the renewable energy sector and the second chapter focuses on the role of civil society in climate change law and policy.


Canadian Water Summit | | The Innovolve Group

Project management, communications and marketing, and logistical support for the Canadian Water Summit, a first-of-its-kind conference in Canada. The Canadian Water Summit is helping to realize Canada's potential to be a world leader in water expertise and technology innovation. The Water Summit has been produced by the Innovolve Group, a sustainability consulting firm, and Actual Media.


Renewable Energy Co-operatives in Ontario | Community Power Fund

This report for the Community Power Fund focused on the current status of Renewable Energy Co-operatives in Ontario. The report analyzed data from original interviews with leading renewable energy co-operatives on the current status of project development and the sector as a whole. More and more community groups are harnessing the social finance and crowd-funding tools offered to co-operatives in order to develop solar and wind power projects. A series of interviews with co-ops provided lessons learned in implementation, success factors and barriers in the development of projects. The 25 page report linked the Ontario sector to the growing international renewable energy co-operative sector and summarized project development knowledge gained in the pioneering phase of the sector's development in Ontario.